Hamburg Barbell

The Gym for Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and Functional Training in Hamburg 

 Hamburg Barbell opened in January 2020.


Without help from the government it was impossible to survive 7 months of lockdown in the first year of business.


The gym is permanently closed. is still available for you.


Powerlifting Gym in Hamburg

We have competition approved barbells, plates, chalk, racks, benches and platforms for powerlifting.


Dog Friendly Gym in Hamburg

We have stones, farmers walk handles, logs and a variation of deadlift bars for your strongman training.


Community Gym in Hamburg

The Hamburg Barbell is a gym for lifters who are training to get better but not to be better than others.

Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting Hamburg

We have specific Oly Barbells for dropping, professional Platforms and Drop Pads.

Functional Training

Strength Training Gym in Hamburg

You'll find space for weighted carries and all kinds of calisthenics excercises.

English Speaking Coaches

English Speaking Gym in Hamburg

Lukas Buschkühl from teaches effective methods of training in seminars and coachings.


Find the gym at Hamburg Mitte

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In Spaldingstraße 130, 20097 Hamburg.

S-Bahn Stations in walking distance: Hammerbrook (5 minutes), Berliner Tor (5 minutes), Hauptbahnhof (10 minutes).